UP-Pipe is chromium carbide overlay welded on a special mild steel backing plate. It manufactured by our   own welding machine design with exclusive technique. The unique manufacturing process obtains lots of advantages as follows:

♦Very flat and smooth surface
♦Outstanding wear resistance feature
♦Lower production cost
♦Excellent fusion strength
♦Consistent hardness
♦Moderate impact resistance
♦Excellent heat resistance
♦Easily welded to most structural steel

The microstructure of our UP PLATE is a mixture of high volume hexagonal shaped of chromium carbide in tough austenitic and martensitic matrix.

Comparison of hardness distribution between UP PLATE and other

UP PLATE is available in many ragne of thickness and choice of overlay alloy or backing plate combinations produced with either single or double pass overlay layers as appropriate.

Deposited using the open arc welding process, UP PLATE overlays ard distinguished by a wide and smooth bead shape with clearly defined and well developed pattern of stress cracking. This confers outatanding 
all round resistance to wear.

Visible cracks on the surface do not reduce the performance of the hardfacing. They are in the hardfacing overlay only and do not progress into the backing metal.

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